Chapter End Announcement! by novasiri
March 21st, 2017, 9:18 pm
Whoo hoo! Another chapter down, that means, ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!

I'm gonna be taking a brief 2-week hiatus guys! Mostly to rest my brain, and gather all my thoughts on ch4 and how it's gonna run. Well I know what's gonna happen, but I wanna make sure it happens right!

But the MAIN reason for this brief Hiatus will be announced soon, but it may be something that rhymes with Alatreon~ ( Monster Hunter joke, aahhahahaha.. OTL )

As such, I have need of Guest comics! So if you wanna do a silly guest comic for AE, shoot me up a message!

One slot has been taken, I still have room for one more!

Till then guys see you for Chapter 4!!